Liquid Avatar – The Small Cap Web3 Company Delivering Real World Results

Looking for a small cap Web3 company that is actually delivering real world results? Look no further than Liquid Avatar. Not only has the company generated over $2,000,000 in retail sales from its Metaverse project, Aftermath Islands, but players have also created over 3,000,000 NFTs and are engaging upwards of 70 minutes per day. With the Metaverse economy projected to hit $13 trillion by 2030, Liquid Avatar’s timing couldn’t be better. But the company is much more than just a highly successful Metaverse company. Liquid Avatar is a blockchain solutions company and has created a solution to beat bots called Proof Of Humanity. It provides assurances that only real people exist in an online space without having to divulge sensitive information. Aftermath Islands has become the first Metaverse to deploy Proof of Humanity from Liquid Avatar, which is a significant factor in its success. As a small cap investor interested in Web3 and Metaverse companies that are delivering actual results, you won’t want to miss out on Liquid Avatar.


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