GameOn $GET Launches World’s First ‘Playable Digital Fighters’ With Karate Combat

Georges St-Pierre is a former professional mixed martial artist who is now a brand ambassador for Karate Combat, a premier full-contact striking league that combines live-action Karate with CGI environments. GameOn Entertainment Technologies (GET) is a B2B technology company that has partnered with Karate Combat to create Karateka, the world’s first playable digital fighters for fantasy games. This allows fans to buy playable digital fighters, craft lineups, and earn rewards and prizes based on how their fighters perform in real-life matches. The game is fueled by blockchain technology and can be accessed with a credit card. GET is ramping up VIP presales for one playable digital fighter, with a minimum of 50 digital fighters to be in the presale, and will be publicly launching the digital fighters at the Karate Combat event in Miami on May 20th. GET has a diverse team of Web3, sports, entertainment, and gaming veterans, and is already achieving revenue growth and profitability in 2023.

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